Gigs 2023

Live Performances2023

2023 – Gigs


9th (Fri) – Twa Tams – Perth – Doors open – 7:45pm (Support Act – Sam McMaster – (TBC) – ( Gig cancelled – Re booked)!

17th (Sat) – Lundin Gold Club – Lundin – Time TBC


22rd (Sat) – Mckays Hotel – Pitlochry – 8:00pm


12th (Sat) – Lundin Gold Club – Lundin – 8.00pm


22nd (Fri) – Mckays Hotel – Pitlochry – 8:00pm


24th ( Fri ) – Mckays Hotel – Pitlochry – 8:00pm

25th (Sat) – British Legion – Arbroath – Time – Doors open 7:00pm Band on stage @ 8:00pm

Tickets £10 (Available to buy now at the venue.

2 thoughts on “Gigs 2023

  1. I’d just like to say a wee word of appreciation for the effort and dedication of Mr Kevin Jordan in pursuit of the blues.
    Yes this gig list and your endeavour is something to be proud of.
    We never blow our own trumpets enough so here I’ll do it fir you Root a Toot Toot


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