The shuffle Kings

Kevin Jordan – Harmonicas

Reece Hillis – Lead Vocals 
Reece develeoped a taste for music early on after accidently stumbling upon the orginal pioneers of blues, soul, country and rock. soaking up as much as he could he began to write his own material where he would begin to blend his faviourite stylings of music, and eventually aged 17 would be out performing live in venues close and far from home.

Electric Bass – TBC

Andy Piper – Lead Guitarist

Andy has been playing guitar since 11 years old. He’s a dedicated player who loves a strong groove. His passion for Blues music started with the modern great Robben Ford. Since then he’s worked his way back in time to discover the original pioneers of Blues music. Andy has a particular soft spot for BB King. In addition, Andy loves Country and Soul music and has an appreciation for anything with an American Roots influence.

Gav Edgar – Drums – Blog TBC

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