The Shuffle Kings

The Shuffle Kings

Susannne Connelly – Lead Vocals 

Blog about Susannne coming soon!

Connor Muir – Electric Bass

Connor started playing bass first year of high school and hasnt stopped since. been playing for around 9 years now. Performed in a few different bands over a couple genres such as rock, indie and blues Main influences from a young age was the clash, AC/DC, RHCP and many others. Some bassist idols are flea, Peter Hook and matt Freeman.

George Young – Lead Guitarist

Blog about George coming soon!

Ken Boyle – Drums

I am a drummer with over 3 decades of experience, influenced mainly in the metal genre but also love playing rock n roll/ blues. Most of my time playing with pub and club outfits, and the occasional band doing original material. Recently I was with a Glasgow based metal band recording three songs including 2 singles and one music video. This last year has also seen me sign with uk drumstick manufacturer Collision Drumsticks playing their 5B sticks. I am over the moon to be joining Kevin and friends. I hope to see you all soon.

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